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    In an emergency, seconds count. If you are alarmed by unusually severe symptoms, seek immediate care. Please call 911 if you feel your condition is life threatening. If a poison is involved, please call Grand Rapids Poison Control Center at (800) 222-1222.

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  • Yes, we are open! Current wait time: 00:25
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A Minimally Invasive Look Inside

Metro Health surgeons, internal medicine physicians and gastroenterologists perform endoscopies to confirm a diagnosis, conduct a biopsy or remove a foreign object from the gastrointestinal tract (GI). This is the system of organs that make up your digestive system. It includes the esophagus, stomach and small and large intestines.

An endoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure where a long, thin, flexible tube called an endoscope is equipped with a light and video camera and inserted into your body. This allows the doctor to see images inside and record them for review in order to determine a further course of action. In many cases, an endoscopy can significantly contribute to the doctor’s decision on the best treatment plan.