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Kathy Jo Butgereit Selected as Best of Metro

Kathy Jo Butgereit
Best of Metro Winner

Kathy Jo has worked at Metro Health for nearly seven years. Since joining Metro Health Wayland in 2008 she has worked as Dr. Linda Bessert’s Certified Medical Assistant. Before coming to Metro, Kathy Jo ran a licensed family daycare out of her home.

Kathy Jo’s Best of Metro nominations glow when describing how she provides the Best Employee Experience. “Kathy Jo is a joy to work with,” exclaims one nomination. “She is very supportive and willing to help out wherever needed.” Another nomination describes how she makes quilts for staff on medical leave and ill family members. “We have had several illnesses and hard times with employees at our office,” explains the nomination. “Kathy Jo is always organizing fundraisers to help people with financial troubles…she is a one of a kind person with a huge heart.”

Comments like these make it easy to see how Kathy Jo’s favorite Metro Memory involved helping a coworker. The coworker and her son were at the hospital getting treatment for the son. During that time, the employee’s lease on her home had ended and she was supposed to be moving into a new house. “While she was at the hospital, our Wayland staff cleaned, painted, moved and set up her new house – all without her knowing,” Kathy Jo explained. “It was such an incredible moment when I told her about it. It was one of the best moments of how our Metro family comes together.”

Kathy Jo’s nominations speak just as highly about how she provides the Best Patient Experience: “Kathy Jo works consistently to provide the Best Patient Experience possible,” explains a nomination. “She goes above and beyond to make sure that all of her patients get the best care and make sure it is completed in a timely manner. She also works well with the team, helping other providers’ patients while working with her own patients to ensure everyone has the best possible experience at our office.”

Kathy Jo offered some simple, but poignant words on what providing the Best Experiences means to her: “I feel everyone wants to be treated well…and I want our patients to feel good and be treated respectfully every time they are here. People just want to see a smile, and I pride myself in smiling and changing someone’s day.”

When asked what being named Best of Metro meant to her, Kathy Jo said she was very grateful to be recognized. “To know that my Metro family thinks enough of me to nominate me was emotional, and makes me want to be even better.”

Congratulations, Kathy Jo!
YOU are the BEST of Metro!


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