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 Enhance Fitness participants tell us why how the class has helped improve their health and why continue to attend.

“I think it’s my job to exercise every day for my continued health. This class helps me gain strength and maintain my overall fitness. It makes it much easier to exercise with a group, rather than at home alone. The $2.00 fee is great for seniors.”
-Judith Bryant, Cutlerville

“I love the fact that the class gives me an opportunity to exercise my whole body and mind.”
-Alice Stanley, Kentwood

“I like that I can exercise in a safe environment with company.”
-Margaret Frenthway, Kentwood

“Enhance fitness is an outstanding program. I have better balance, increased endurance and strength and it offers good social connections.”
- Kathleen Bradley, Kentwood

“I like that I can exercise at my own pace. The teacher is good and fun. It helps me keep active and make friends.”0
-Norma Sitter, Grand Rapids

Click here to learn more about Enhance Fitness and find out how to sign up.



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