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Meri Waldrep Selected as Best of Metro

Meri Waldrep
Best of Metro Winner

meriMeri worked at Metro Health for 30 years! Throughout her long career at Metro she practiced as an Occupational Therapist and Certified Hand Therapist.

The many nominations Meri received for Best of Metro attest to her dedication to providing the Best Patient experience. “Meri has touched the lives of so many patients in her tenure at Metro,” explains one nomination. “Meri routinely goes above and beyond,” says another. “She has adapted baby dolls to simulate infant care and worked with patients on climbing ladders – whatever it takes to get the patient back to work.”

Her nominations also describe someone who exemplifies providing the best employee experience. “When I was a new hire, Meri went out of her way to act as a mentor,” explained a nomination. “I value her insights, opinions and 30 years of experience.” Another nomination form described her as a role model, team player and a team leader. Meri’s commitment to providing the Best Patient and Employee experiences are part of her passion for her job. “I had the great fortune of loving my job,” she said. “The people I worked with were unbelievable. It’s rare to work in an environment with the people who are as incredible as the people I worked with. It was always a Team.” She went on to add that “my job itself, with the patients, was very rewarding. As a clinical person, the patients always come first.”

When asked about her favorite Metro Memory, Meri laughed, noting that there were too many to recall just one. However, she could remember the funniest memory, when she burned her lab coat. She explained that she was teaching someone how to make a splint. She was so focused on teaching that she didn’t realize how close she was standing to a heat gun. “I said ‘something smells funny in here,’ and then I looked down and it was me!”

When asked about being named Best of Metro, Meri summed it up very simply. “I feel very appreciated, and that’s a good feeling.” Being named Best of Metro was all the more bittersweet, as she was given the award at a staff celebration of her retirement. Thank you for 30 years of service Meri, and enjoy your retirement, you’ve earned it!

Congratulations, Meri!
YOU are the BEST of Metro!


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