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Metro Health Again Named One of Nation’s Most Wired Hospitals

For the sixth year, Metro Health Hospital has been named one of the nation’s top hospitals in the annual HealthCare’s Most Wired™ survey.

Metro Health is one of only three hospitals in West Michigan to make the top ranks of the American Hospital Association’s Health Forum and the College of Healthcare Information Executives, or CHIME. The survey examines how hospitals are leveraging information technology to improve performance in the areas of:

  • Infrastructure
  • Business and administrative management
  • Quality and safety
  • Clinical integration

This year’s survey focused on health data security and patient engagement, which remain top priorities for Metro Health and other leading hospitals.

“We commend and congratulate this year’s Most Wired hospitals and their chief information officers for improving care delivery and outcomes in our nation’s hospitals through their creative and revolutionary uses of technology,” said CHIME CEO and President Russell P. Branzell. “These Most Wired organizations represent excellence in IT leadership on the front lines of health care transformation.”

Among the key findings this year:

  • Ninety-six percent of Most Wired organizations use intrusion detection systems compared to 85 percent of all respondents. Privacy audit systems and security incident event management are also widely used.
  • Seventy-nine percent of Most Wired organizations conduct incident response exercises or tabletop tests annually – a high-level estimate of the current potential for success of a cybersecurity incident response plan – compared to 37 percent of all responding hospitals.

As health care providers begin to transition away from volume-based care to more integrated, value-based care delivery, hospitals are utilizing IT to better facilitate information exchange across the care settings. This includes greater alignment between hospitals and physicians. According to the survey, the physician portal is a key factor in strengthening physician-hospital alignment:

  • In 84 percent of Most Wired organizations, physicians can view and exchange other facilities’ results in the portal compared with 63 percent of hospitals surveyed.
  • Seventy-six percent use the portal and electronic health record to exchange results with other EHRs and health information exchanges compared to 56 percent of those surveyed.
  • Eighty-one percent can communicate with patients via email or alerts in contrast to 63 percent of all respondents.

“We are pleased to once again be recognized among the nation’s Most Wired hospitals,” said William Lewkowski, Metro Health’s chief information officer. “We are committed to providing the best experience for our patients and clinical teams, and the effective use of technology is key to that experience.

“Metro Health has always been a leader in the early adoption of technology. We were the first hospital in West Michigan to utilize a fully integrated electronic medical record, and we have consistently led the way when it comes to integrating technology at the bedside and in our physician offices.”

The results of this year’s survey will be published in an upcoming edition of Health & Hospital Network.


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