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Metro Health is First Hospital to Join New Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Network

In a move designed to enhance rehabilitation care for patients, Metro Health has become the first hospital in Michigan to join the Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Network.

Unveiled in June, the Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Network is an innovative alliance of hospitals and providers formally integrated with an independent Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital. The network is designed to extend Mary Free Bed’s expertise as one of the leading rehabilitation hospitals in the Midwest beyond the four walls of its current hospitals to other settings, creating a seamlessly integrated system of rehabilitative care for patients – wherever they might live or work.

As a new partner in rehabilitation within the network, Metro Health will offer all its rehabilitation services, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and recreational therapy, through Mary Free Bed. Metro Health outpatients will continue to receive these services at Metro’s neighborhood outpatient centers. Inpatient medical and surgery therapy will be provided by Mary Free Bed therapists at Metro Health. Patients needing acute inpatient rehabilitation will be referred to Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital.

"We are delighted to welcome Metro Health as the first hospital to join the Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Network," said CEO Kent Riddle. "Our goal in establishing this network is to allow strong, independent organizations to collaborate to provide the best rehabilitation care for patients no matter where they might be in the state. Our two organizations have enjoyed a long, mutually supportive relationship, and we look forward to strengthening those ties through this new collaboration."

Metro Health CEO Mike Faas agreed, noting: "Our patients already receive rehab services from Mary Free Bed physical therapists at our neighborhood outpatient centers, the new sports medicine center at the YMCA and within our own hospital. By joining the Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation network, we will be able to provide the right care at the right time and at the right location to our patients, which is critical to our commitment to delivering the best patient experience."

Metro Health acute rehabilitation employees and therapists will all be given opportunities for jobs within Metro Health or within Mary Free Bed. Both organizations expect to retain all employees.

Mary Free Bed officials are currently working with several other healthcare organizations throughout the state and expect to announce new partners for the network in the coming months.

Mary Free Bed currently serves patients from throughout the state and surrounding areas through inpatient and outpatient programs focused on brain injury, stroke recovery, orthopedic, amputee, spinal cord injury and related physiological and neurological areas. Mary Free Bed sets the gold standard in rehabilitative care with its highly individualized rehab programs, teams of trained, caring therapists and physicians, and state-of-the-art protocols and equipment.

"Establishing a network of like-minded, independent hospitals and providers will provide rehabilitation care for patients and families in West, Mid- and Northern Michigan through formal alignment with referring physicians and hospitals," Riddle said. "Every patient will have a better outcome and will be more independent if they receive their rehabilitation care from Mary Free Bed."

Faas concluded by saying: "As the business of healthcare changes, healthcare organizations like ours are considering how best to partner. Both Metro Health and Mary Free Bed are excited about this collaboration and are already working to find other ways to work together for the benefit of our patients and our communities."


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