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Metro Health to Establish Orthopaedic Center of Excellence

Metro Health announced today that it will expand its partnership with Orthopaedic Associates of Michigan (OAM) to jointly develop an orthopaedic center of excellence in West Michigan.

The orthopaedic center of excellence, projected to begin service fall of 2013, will provide evidence-based, outcome-driven, quality outpatient and inpatient orthopaedic care to the community.

“We are very excited, not only to expand our partnership with OAM, but to expand the community’s choice in the delivery of quality orthopaedic care,” said President and CEO of Metro Health Mike Faas. “This is a natural and positive evolution in our very successful three-year partnership with OAM.”

OAM and Metro Health initiated a partnership in 2010 to provide outpatient surgical services at the Metro Health OAM Surgery Center at MidTowne in downtown Grand Rapids—the only single-specialty orthopaedic outpatient surgical center in Michigan. Today, they provide orthopaedic outpatient surgery to more than 4,200 patients each year in three surgical suites at this facility. A fourth surgical suite is planned to open on March 1 and will allow immediate expansion of the delivery of outpatient surgical services.

The new orthopaedic center of excellence will couple Metro Health’s community-based, patient-centered approach with the highly subspecialized orthopaedic services of OAM.

“By more fully integrating both outpatient and inpatient orthopaedic services, Metro and OAM will offer patients complete coordination of orthopaedic care,” said OAM President Jim Ringler, MD. “This new center of excellence will drive higher quality through lower infection rates and reduced patient stays in addition to lower costs and higher overall patient satisfaction.”

Orthopaedic Associates of Michigan is the largest orthopaedic practice in Michigan, with 30 orthopaedic surgeons trained in seven subspecialty areas within the field of orthopaedic medicine, including foot and ankle, hand and upper extremity, spine, joint, trauma, sports medicine and physical medicine.

With this partnership, Metro Health has committed to provide OAM physicians access to surgical suites at Metro Health Hospital in Wyoming, MI. The organizations will build on the expertise OAM currently provides in the community driving services like total joint care, spine care and orthopaedic sports medicine by now diversifying services at Metro Health.

Both inpatient and outpatient orthopaedic services will be integrated into the orthopaedic center of excellence, with outpatient orthopaedic surgeries conducted at the Metro Health OAM Surgery Center and inpatient services provided at Metro Health Hospital.  To accommodate existing outpatient surgical services currently at Metro Health campus, Metro Health will lease space at 4055 Cascade Road.


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