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Metro Health – University of Michigan Health Named “Most Wired” Hospital

Metro Health – University of Michigan Health has been named one of the country’s most technologically savvy hospitals for the sixth straight year, earning the “Most Wired” designation from the American Hospital Association.

Based on data collected through an online survey early this year, the Most Wired designation recognizes hospitals for IT excellence in four areas: infrastructure, business and administrative management, clinical quality and safety, and clinical integration.

In the survey’s 19-year history, Metro Health has garnered Most Wired kudos eight times, including the past six years in a row.

“The Most Wired hospitals are using every available technology to reach their patients and improve access to care,” says Rick Pollack, president and CEO of the American Hospital Association.

“We’re always looking to integrate technology in a way that makes it easier for patients and providers to interact,” says Joshua Wilda, chief information officer at Metro Health – University of Michigan Health. “Many of our technology tools also help patients become more involved in their care.”

Hospitals earning Most Wired status are especially adept at using mobile devices and remote monitoring to help patients access healthcare services. Here’s a sampling of ways these characteristics play out at Metro Health:

  • Secure messaging. For a decade now, patients have been able to send secure messages to clinicians via Metro’s online patient portal. Secure messaging expanded to mobile devices in 2014.
  • Prescription renewals. Metro Health is among the two-thirds of Most Wired hospitals that let patients renew prescriptions on mobile devices, a capability that also became available in 2014.
  •  E-visits. E-visits through Metro’s online portal have proved beneficial for an array of cases. They allow patients to interact with providers without visiting the doctor’s office.
  • Real-time care management. Metro Health combines various technologies to allow care managers to reach out to high-risk patients through the online portal, providing information and advice that can help them avoid multiple office visits.

Metro Health is also among the majority of Most Wired hospitals that use sophisticated IT monitoring techniques. Among them: intrusion detection systems, data access audits (who accessed what data and when), and phishing exercises that teach employees to question suspicious emails.

In addition, like many Most Wired hospitals, Metro Health is on the vanguard in the use of data and analytics to improve care, reduce costs and support decision making.

“We’re determined to become even more data driven,” Wilda says. “Data and analytics hold so much promise for transforming care delivery that they demand our attention.”

Detailed results of the Most Wired study can be found in the July issue of Hospitals & Health Networks (



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