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Pam Carlson Selected as Best of Metro

Pam Carlson
Best of Metro Winner

Pam-CarlsonPam has worked at Metro Health for nearly five years. She began her Metro career as the manager of Endoscopy. She then moved into the Quality department as a Quality coordinator before being promoted to the dual role of Director of Quality Management and Patient Safety Officer.

Pam’s Best of Metro nomination is unique, because it was filled out and submitted by her entire team in a group effort to recognize her. As could be expected, the nomination had a lot to say on how Pam provides the Best Employee Experience: “Pam is always willing to lend a hand as no task is too small for her. Pam is very good at…advocating for her staff. Pam is a natural born leader…numerous staff members stated they came to Quality and Infection Prevention because of Pam’s amazing leadership skills, management style and work ethic.”

When reading her team’s comments, it is easy to see that they have been impacted by Pam’s philosophy regarding the Best Employee Experience: “Every employee should be made to feel that they are a valued and equal member of their team and of Metro as a whole.”

Leading the Quality and Infection Prevention teams, Pam’s work is often behind the scenes, working with clinicians to improve processes. Pam’s nomination praises her for providing the Best Physician Experience while doing her work, saying that “she always goes out of her way to provide education to residents on quality and safety and uses her effective communication and relationship building skills to bring all staff and physicians together.”

When she was asked about a favorite Metro Memory, Pam reflected on the “secret” meeting that was set up to surprise her with Best of Metro award. “I was hanging out in our conference room with the Quality and Infection Prevention staff waiting for a “secret” meeting to begin. In came the Recognition Committee to notify us that I was a winner of this wonderful recognition. They brought a beautiful and delicious cake, punch and a lot of congratulations and good wishes.”

When asked what being named Best of Metro meant to her, Pam said it was humbling, but validating. “I still feel like a novice leader, and although I have found some great mentors here at Metro that have helped me build my confidence, nothing is as validating as when your staff recognizes your abilities in this way.”

Congratulations, Pam!
YOU are the BEST of Metro!


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