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Billing FAQ

Listed below are a few commonly asked billing questions. If your question is not listed here, please call Metro Health Customer Service Department at 616.252.7110

Q: What should I bring with me at the time of my visit?
A: All insurance cards, personal ID and your hospital co-pay and/or deductible amount(s).

Q: Will my test be covered by my insurance? Does Metro Health participate with my insurance?
A: Please call your insurance company directly for questions about benefits.

Q: My services are due to a work injury. Why am I being billed?
A: In order to bill your worker’s compensation carrier, we need complete information. This includes the claim number and name and billing address of the carrier, with telephone number and adjuster’s name.

Q: My statement first shows a payment in full, then a portion of that amount is charged back on and I’m being billed. Is this correct?
A: Your insurer may make periodic payments to health care providers, rather than individual payments for each patient account. After receiving your claim, the insurer tells us what amount, if any, is your responsibility. That amount then shows on your bill.

Q: I have Medicare insurance. Why am I asked the same questions every time I receive services?
A: The federal government requires every provider of health care services to verify whether another insurance or program should be billed before Medicare. Since circumstances can change with each visit, the questions must be asked for every visit.

Q: Why am I receiving more than one bill?
A: Each provider involved with your care could send a claim to your insurance company. Hospitals and doctors bill separately for services.

Q: I received a bill from Metro Health and have a question. Who do I call?
A: Please call the telephone number listed on your statement.

Q: How and where do I pay my bill?
A: Payments are always accepted in the registration area located at the main entrance of Metro Health Hospital during business hours. Checks can be sent to:

Metro Health
P.O. Box 917
Wyoming, MI 49509-0917

To pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or by debit card, you may either call our Metro Health Customer Service Department at (616) 252-7110 or (800) 968-0051 or pay your bill by credit card on the Metro Health website here.

Q: I can’t afford to pay my bill. How can I obtain financial assistance?A: Please contact our Metro Health Customer Service Department at 616.252.7110 or 800.968.0051 for information about financial options available.

Q: I have a question not listed here. Who do I contact?
A: Please call Metro Health Customer Service Department at 616.252.7110 or 800.968.0051.