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    In an emergency, seconds count. If you are alarmed by unusually severe symptoms, seek immediate care. Please call 911 if you feel your condition is life threatening. If a poison is involved, please call Grand Rapids Poison Control Center at (800) 222-1222.

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Shop for a Doc

Looking for a new physician? Metro Health can hook you up – in less than 5 minutes.

On Nov. 30, patients will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with eight ob/gyn doctors accepting new patients via "Shop for a Doc," a first-of-its kind matShop for a Doc Flyer web 0 - Shop for a Docchmaking event in West Michigan. Formatted like speed dating, Shop for a Doc allows patients one-on-one time with each allowing them to ask questions and get to know the doctor. Physicians and patients pair up for five minutes, then rotate into new conversations.

Shop for a Doc will be held at the Professional Building Conference Rooms A & B at Metro Health Village, 2122 Health Drive, from 11:45 a.m. – 1 p.m., and lunch is provided for all participants. There is no cost for attending, but registration is required. Tours of the Spartan Stores Family Childbirth Center at Metro Health Hospital will be available after the event.

"Finding a new doctor is often a daunting task involving little more than searching a list of names trying to determine who sounds friendly and knowledgeable," said Mike Faas, CEO and president of Metro Health. "Metro Health wants to change the experience of seeking out a new doctor to a positive, easy and comfortable one for patients. Shop for a Doc is one way of doing this, and provides a great opportunity for community building between doctors and patients.

"We know that compatibility between the doctor and patient is a key aspect in the overall experience that the patient has. No matter how skilled the doctor, if the patient doesn’t really feel comfortable he or she is unlikely to leave feeling that the experience was a positive one. We want all of our patients to leave their doctor’s office feeling they have experienced great care."

Originating in Texas, Shop for a Doc was the idea of a hospital marketing specialist group and has been reported to be quite successful in matching up patients and doctors. It gives patients the rare opportunity to preview a variety of physicians prior to calling or e-mailing for an appointment. The format has already been adopted in other states as well, but this is the first in the West Michigan area. Metro plans to hold additional Shop for a Doc events in the future featuring pediatricians and family practice doctors, as well as ob/gyns.

"We think Shop for a Doc is going to be a fun event, and we are looking forward to trying out this format," Faas said. "People will really enjoy the opportunity to meet our excellent team of physicians and select a healthcare professional who is right for them. We hope that Shop for a Doc will ease the process of finding a new doctor."

Call 616.242.4880 to register for the event.



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