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Staff Portal

The following links in the physician access portal can be used to access various applications at Metro Health.

Remote Access

Quick Desktop Access
Immediate access to your Metro desktop, no client needed.

Allows the choice between quick access or a download of the full client for repeated access.

Remote Access Instructions


Imprivata Guide

Webex Video Testing

Please install on you local PC / laptop Download


Access the New User Training video below. Note: this is a password protected page.


For Epic Hyperspace Authorized remote access to Metro Health’s EMR, login to MetroView, then click on the Epic Hyperspace icon on your desktop.

Haiku & Canto


If you would like to download and configure the Epic Haiku or Canto mobile apps, please access this page from your mobile device and click the mobile tab above.


Step 1

Step 2

FOR IT USE ONLY ——————————-

Haiku – IT use Only

Canto – IT use Only


EpicCare Link

EpicCare Link is a web-based application that is available to referring physician offices. It allows them access to a view-only version of our Epic application and helps them to follow the progress of care for patients within the Metro Health system. Therefore, improving the ability to coordinate ongoing care.

Philips iSite Picture and Communication System

iSite is an online tool that gives independent providers instant access to digital images and reports of imaging exams performed at any Metro Health location. iSite also allows providers to compare previous images to the most recent exam. With iSite, providers no longer need to wait for the patient to get the required images from the hospital and bring them to their appointment – saving time and improving patient care.



In order to get PowerMic Mobile ready for use on your smart phone, you will want to go to the appropriate store (iTunes or Google Play) and download/install the PowerMic Mobile app.  Once it is installed, you will want to click on the appropriate link below.  If the app is not running, it should open the configuration link with the PowerMic Mobile app and set the configuration for your Organization.

Click the mobile button when on your mobile device to configure.


iOS – ios link

Android – Android link

Once it is configured, you should be able to log into DMO on your workstation, launch PMM from your phone and log into the app using the same login ID as you use for DMO.  This should pair the two sessions and you will be able to dictate through the phone at this time.

Talent Solutions

View your classes and complete training without using your MetroView.


All Metro employees are able to view their time card clocking/calendar entries. For departments that use the Staff Scheduling function, employees are able to view their work schedule.

Acceptable Use Policy

This is a Metro Health information system for authorized use only. Activity on this system is monitored and recorded. Unauthorized and inappropriate use will be reported to Metro Health Information Security and/or law enforcement.

Physician Access

The physician access portal can be used for quick access to various applications at Metro Health.