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Wadell Sheard Selected as Best of Metro

Wadell Sheard
Best of Metro Winner

Wadell---ArticleWadell has worked at Metro Health for more than eight years. He works in the Metro Health Café as a Retail Chef, cooking up breakfast and impressing customers at the Chef’s Table. In the past he has also worked as a Production Chef for the café and patient line.

The Best of Metro nominations for Wadell speak highly of how he delivers the experiences of the Metro Way. They speak of how he treats family members of patients, giving them a good experience and momentary relief before they return to support their patient family member. They speak of how he interacts with the physicians, that he knows them by name and quickly prepares their meals so that they can resume their busy schedules and caring for patients. They describe someone who is an ambassador to the community, on behalf of Metro Health, and he will make special trips to the tables to speak with visitors.

But above all these accolades, the nomination forms glow with how Wadell provides the Best Employee Experience. Numerous nominators mentioned that Wadell always greets them by name and that he knows different tastes and preferences they have. They talked about his positive, up-beat attitude. After all, if you ask Wadell, “every day is a holiday!” They also described his cool under fire. When the line for his station is backed up 20 people deep, “he is incredibly efficient – kind of like a juggler – able to keep lots of balls in the air,” noted one nominator. “Wadell moves through the line quickly…He never once seems frazzled…he easily could let his customer service slip, he instead goes above and beyond to make sure everyone has a great lunch experience,” described another. Of course, the fact that the line gets that long is an indicator to another way Wadell provides the Best Patient Experience, the food he creates is delicious and always a desired dish come lunchtime.

When Wadell was asked about his favorite Metro Memory, he couldn’t pin down just one. Instead he thought of the staff and customers he serves. “I am a perfectionist that enjoys taking care of the customers and employees of Metro,” he explained.

When asked about being named Best of Metro, Wadell talked about how surprised he was to have been chosen. “I was totally surprised! I really appreciate all the staff that took the time to nominate me for this very special award,” he said. He went on to say, “I strive for excellent customer service and treat all my customers the same, respect and dignity.”

Congratulations, Wadell!
YOU are the BEST of Metro!



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