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Wound Healing Center Receives Top Accreditation Rating

Metro Health Hospital’s Wound Healing Center recently received the top accreditation rating from its professional organization – a ranking that fewer than 2 percent of the nation’s wound clinics received. The Wound Healing Center received full accreditation with distinction from the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society. The clinic, which is the only center in West Michigan to offer comprehensive wound, surgical and hyperbaric treatment all in one site, is one of approximately 20 of the nation’s 900 wound and hyperbaric centers to receive this top rating.

Metro’s Wound Healing Center annually sees more than 500 new patients seeking treatment for wounds that refuse to heal on their own. In addition to standard wound care, Metro Health also offers advanced treatment options such as the three hyperbaric treatment chambers that utilize high-pressure oxygen to treat those wounds that will not respond to even standard wound care.

"We are pleased and honored to have the Wound Healing Center accredited with distinction," said Lee M. Kurzhal, program director. "We have the best team of physicians, nurses and wound specialists in the state, whose work is complemented by a national wound management company. This ranking recognizes that Metro Health utilizes the best practices in wound care and hyperbaric treatment and has met the highest industry standards."

The UHMS accreditation process took more than five months of preparation on the part of the wound center staff. A survey team spent several days evaluating the quality of the facility and equipment, the professionalism and training of the staff, the quality of care delivered and the patient safety measures in place. Of all the wound clinics in the country, fewer than 10 percent are accredited.

Metro Health opened its Wound Healing Center in 1991, making it one of the oldest in West Michigan. Metro Health added hyperbaric chambers in December 2003, responding to the growing need for sophisticated wound care with new treatments and technology.

The center is located in the Professional Building adjacent to the new Metro Health Hospital in Wyoming. Its staff includes four wound care and hyperbaric physicians, two hyperbaric physicians, one wound care and hyperbaric nurse practitioner, five registered nurses, two hyperbaric oxygen therapy technicians and four medical assistants.


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